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How Current are the Data?

The on this site are the most current data available from the US Census Bureau.

Currently, most data points are from 2015 datasets – specifically the 2015 American Community Survey (ACS) 5 year dataset. We use the Census’ ACS 5 year dataset for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s updated every year.
  2. It typically has the smallest margins of error of the Census’ ACS datasets.
  3. It allows for apples to apples comparisons of large geographies to small geographies (i.e. state data to city data).

We’re constantly updating the Starter Reports and this site with the most current data throughout the year.

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California Counties by Population

1 Los Angeles County 10,170,292
2 San Diego County 3,299,521
3 Orange County 3,169,776
4 Riverside County 2,361,026
5 San Bernardino County 2,128,133
6 Santa Clara County 1,918,044
7 Alameda County 1,638,215
8 Sacramento County 1,501,335
9 Contra Costa County 1,126,745
10 Fresno County 974,861

California Cities by Population

1 Los Angeles 3,971,883
2 San Diego 1,394,928
3 San Jose 1,026,908
4 San Francisco 864,816
5 Fresno 520,052
6 Sacramento 490,712
7 Long Beach 474,140
8 Oakland 419,267
9 Bakersfield 373,640
10 Anaheim 350,742

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